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    • Small Employers Relief (SER) (Word 31KB) - GOV.UK


      Background. An employer qualifies for SER if they paid or were liable to pay Class 1 NICs to HMRC (Account Office) of a fixed amount (or less) in the qualifying tax year.

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    • risk Assessment - Health And Safety Executive


      Combined risk assessment and policy template published by the Health and Safety Executive 08/14. All employers must conduct a risk assessment.

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    • payment Protection Insurance : Consumer Questionnaire


      WHAT IS THIS QUESTIONNAIRE FOR? This questionnaire is for consumers to bring a complaint about the sale of payment protection insurance (PPI). It is the standard PPI ...

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    • Notification form - person - care home


      Regulation 18(2), Care Quality Commission (Registration) Regulations 2009. Notification about an application to deprive a person of their liberty

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    • Change Control Procedure - European Commission


      Change Control Procedure. Issue 1. TABLE OF CONTENTS. 0 Preface 1. 0.1 Purpose of this document 1. 0.2 Use of this document 1. ... (CM) library that holds the software.

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