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  • Solar Cookers Effective Tools for 3-D Learning

    Effective Tools for 3-D Learning Presented at the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Conference in Atlanta, Georgia March 17, 2018 by Mary Buchenic Global Development Solutions, non-profit –The Solar Sisters Project Hubbard, Ohio Solar Cookers International –Associate Member & Susan T. Schleith and Penny Hall

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    Naming the Utensils - Texas 4-H  41%

    Naming the Utensils Educational Lesson: What is a kitchen utensil? A utensil is a simple and useful device that is used for doing tasks in a person’s home and espe-cially in the kitchen. Importance of specific kitchen utensils Utensils are built to make your cooking experience as perfect and easy as possible. There are so

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    Kitchen Utensils PPT  35%

    cooking. ¨ Even a ... cup, 1/3 cup, ½ cup, 1 cup. 10. Measuring Spoons ¨ Graduated spoons to assure the right amount of a small ingredient is used. ¨ Can be used for wet OR dry ingredients ¨ Remember the standard set: ¼ teaspoon, ½ teaspoon, 1 teaspoon, 1 tablespoon . 11. Straight-edge Spatula ¨ A flexible tool for leveling off ingredients or frosting a cake or cookies. 12. Liquid Measuring Cup ¨ Measuring …

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    Objecves - Pearl Public School District  34%

    cooking and baking utensils: 1) Utensils should be sturdy and well balanced. All edges should be smooth. Pan boVoms should be flat for good heat conduc0on. 2) Handles should be heat resistant, sturdy, and securely aached 3) Lids should be well constructed should fit 0ghtly 4) Utensils should be light enough to handle

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    Lesson 3 KITCHEN AND FOOD MANAGEMENT Aim Discuss the provision of kitchen facilities, and the handling of foodstuffs (including food storage and preparation), in order to maximise efficiency, hygiene and service with the

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    onGRILL   19%

    Cooking 3:1 Beef Patties By the end of this section, the crew member will have demonstrated how to prepare the grill station for cooking beef and how to cook beef patties. Check Frozen Stock Check Equipment and Tools Decide to Cook Select Grill Setting Retrieve Patties with gloves Quality Check Raise Platen

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    COOK’S TOOLS - UNL Food  18%

    COOK’S TOOLS by Alice Henneman, MS, RD, Extension Educator Having the right kitchen tools can make cooking easier and more fun! However, you don't need every tool in the store. Before you buy that next piece of kitchen equipment, check the following tips and suggestions. Share this list with a son, daughter or friend who is just beginning

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    HOME COOKING - Project Bread | Home  16%

    HOME COOKING ITHOT A KITCHEN 3 1. Microwave-Safe Bowl Use your microwave-safe bowl to mix ingredients together, serve meals, store leftovers, or reheat food in the microwave. See page 8 for more information about containers that are safe for the microwave. 2. Good Knife